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Test Registry for Emergency Preparedness

Enter your Social Security Number and select your answers to each of the questions.
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 Test Questions
True     False 1. A disaster is identified only as a natural event.
True     False 2. An emergency evacuation plan is necessary only during emergencies.
True     False 3. Staff members should escort patients and their family members during an evacuation of the facility.
True     False 4. Emergency Evacuation is mandatory, even for man-made disasters.
A B C 5. During severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, and hurricanes, staff members and patients should be kept away from: A exterior doors, B dumpsters, C exterior windows.
True     False 6. "Class A" Fires involve normal combustible materials.
True     False 7. "Class C" Fires involve energized electrical equipment.
A B C 8. The natural disaster with the greatest amount of warning is a: A Tornado B Earthquake C Hurricane
True     False 9. The use of elevators should be avoided during evacuations because of potential for power failure.
True     False 10. Training and knowledge of the facility's policies for emergency situations are required only for designated individuals.


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