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Use IVR To Improve Your Customer Service

You can enhance your service to customers, patients, business partners, vendors and employees by making your database accessible to them 24/7 using IVR and Web database interfaces custom designed by us to meet all your requirements. Our customers are realizing benefits every day by using our IVR and related Web systems for applications such as the following:

  • Online surveys and testing
  • Order entry and status reporting
  • Insurance benefits eligibility and enrollment
  • Patient compliance monitoring
  • Fuel inventory management
  • Patient scheduling and tracking
  • Corporate call centers 

Use IVR to Contain Your Costs

Like many organizations, you are faced with rising costs associated with necessary information interchanges with people who use your products or services. Many of these interactions consist of disseminating information contained in your database, or collecting information to update your database. These tasks can be performed very efficiently by a phone-based IVR system, without increasing staff resources.

Why DV?

Our systems can be speech enabled, interface with ODBC legacy databases or with Oracle or SQL databases designed by our staff, support Analog and T1 interfaces, DNIS, ANI and caller ID, are scalable to over 100 lines, and interface with any modern telephone system.

Our strengths include experience with a variety of applications across industries, a qualified development and support staff, and individualized attention -  all at a market competitive price.


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