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The Company

D/V's core business is to design and develop phone based user interfaces (IVR) as well as Web based user interfaces (IWR) to either legacy databases or databases developed by our staff. Since 1992 we have worked with companies of all sizes in industries such as manufacturing, transportation, retailing, and marketing, as well as employee benefits consultants, health insurers, health care providers and governmental agencies.

Our employees and contractors have varied backgrounds in IVR and Web software design and programming, database development, networking, computer hardware, and telecommunications. We use development tools that are mainstream technologically, including Visual Basic, C++, JAVA, Access, Oracle and SQL, Crystal Reports, and the full range of Microsoft Visual Studio development tools and BackOffice applications for both IVR and Web development. All of our IVR systems use either analog or digital Dialogic voice cards. We also use industry standard workstation or server computer hardware selected for reliability and scalability. This combination of high quality software and hardware produces applications that remain supportable over extended periods.

The Development Process

Our development process puts you in control. The application design results first and foremost from a thorough review of your business objectives, processes and needs. We then combine the creativity of our software developers with the capabilities of our advanced technology to produce a detailed application specification for your final approval. Only then will coding commence. After programming and testing, you will have the opportunity to listen to the IVR application, or view the Web application, before final installation. Development will normally be completed within four weeks. We then install the system, train your staff to administer the system, and provide full administrative documentation.

On-Going Support

You can be confident of enjoying the full value of your investment over many years due to our extended hardware warranty and our Care Free Software Support program which is designed to keep the software both touble free in operation and technically current. The program includes free software upgrades and discounts for additional application development and consultation. We also maintain a national toll-free hotline 24/7 to handle questions and problems. 

Value Pricing

All of our efforts are focused on providing a high degree of value to our customers. We accomplish this by combining exceptional product quality, excellent customer service and competitive pricing. The price of our IVR products will vary with the technological components included in the application (such as text-to-speech or fax) and the number of ports required to handle the application's call volume. A basic 4 port system starts at about $20,000. Pricing for interactive Web interfaces vary with application complexity and will be quoted on an individual basis after the design specification is completed.    

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